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  • Buying a fresh SSL certificate is really uncomplicated. All you have to carry out is fill out the submission form in the Web Site Control Panel. You won’t need to get an account along with a third–party firm, no need to waste your time waiting for days to weeks for one’s SSL to become ready.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • On the condition that a domain name is hosted in an account with us, it is easy to opt to get your SSL certificate instantly installed. The intelligent system will handle most of the labor while you will not have to deal with any kind of regular setups.

  • 24x7 Suport
  • 24x7 Support

  • We provide 24x7 support with each of the web hosting services. The support skilled engineers have a lot of experience working on SSL Certificates and also are prepared to support you with any difficulty you can come across. They have got a standard answer time frame of under 20 min!

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year 2 years
Regular SSL $19.00 $38.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00 $218.00

SSL Certificates with Web Hosting Galore

An SSL certificate is unarguably a must–have if you plan to construct or actually have an online shop. The idea is to correctly secure the connection in between the user and the site. This way, all of the info would be transmitted in a risk–free setting, substantially reducing the possibility of credit card theft or info exploitation.

SSL Certificates will also be invaluable if you’re planning to offer your web visitors admission to an administrative zone. For those who have guarded the login form having an SSL, the account information is going to be broadcasted in a secure and safe manner.

All of the SSL Certificates provided by Web Hosting Galore use leading–edge specifications. We partner with COMODO in order to provide a real 2048–bit data encryption as well as a $10 000 USD warranty for each SSL. Fresh SSL Certificates are issued in some thirty minutes following your order and the installation is, in fact quick. You can elect to have your personal SSL certificate installed by our tech team if your main web site is hosted with us.

Further than common SSL Certificates, we as well can offer you wildcard SSLs. A wildcard SSL certificate will work for all subdomains of a domain name, while an ordinary SSL certificate can be used only for one host. Wildcard SSL Certificates really are practical in case you have a huge web site which has an administrative area, an e–shop plus a forum, and you want to secure each of the abovementioned with one certificate.

You can get an SSL certificate with each one of our web hosting services – Linux shared web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans.

ID Protection

Protect your private registrant details

Via your Control Panel, you can effortlessly shield the WHOIS information pertaining to your domain, which, by default, is exposed on the web for everybody to see. You just need to request the ID protection functionality to be enabled for your domain and your registrant details, including your name, e–mail and address, will be instantly replaced with fictitious info.

This given service is available with most of the universal and country–specific TLD extensions offered on our site.

ID Protection

24/7 Support Service

A technical support team is always online to help you

Having a trustworthy support team happy to assist you with any concern that you may have is vital to creating a trusted relationship with our clients. Web Hosting Galore offers a 24/7 technical support service with all our cloud hosting plans. Our technicians have been in the web hosting market for several years and are qualified enough to assist you with any difficulty.

Furthermore, we offer a 1–hour helpdesk ticket response guarantee. As a matter of fact, our client service team members usually answer in less than twenty minutes!

24/7 Support Service

Wildcard Domains

Create a wildcard domain name with only a click of the mouse

With the help of the Wildcard DNS option, you will be able to make all your active subdomains open the home page of your website. For example, when someone enters any.domain.com or smth.domain.com, they’ll be forwarded to http://domain.com/.

You may need the Wildcard DNS option for a multisite web app such as WordPress or Joomla Multi–Site.

To activate a wildcard domain, navigate to the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and press the Add Host button on the right. At the bottom of the options list, you’ll see the Wildcard Domain tick box.

Wildcard Domains

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Easily register a variety of domains

Registering several different domains at once can be a hard operation. That is the reason why Web Hosting Galore offers a bulk domain registration tool built into our web hosting Control Panel. It permits you to quickly register multiple domains at the same time.

You will be able to enable ID protection, to modify your WHOIS information, to choose whether to host the domain in question in your account or not.

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Effortless Scalability

Change to a cloud hosting plan immediately

You’ll be able to effortlessly upgrade the domain management account that you have with us to one of our cloud hosting plans. Thus, you will be able to easily manage both your domains and web sites from one place. To enable all the hosting options in your Control Panel, simply go to the Upgrade Plan section located on the left and pick the package that you desire to upgrade to.

The instant we activate the package of your choosing, you will get a host of tools, among them a drag–and–drop File Manager, a hotlink prevention tool, a URL forwarding tool, a comprehensive web traffic stats tool, a 1–click Web Applications Installer with which you will be able to launch blogs, community–focused sites, photo galleries, and so on.

Effortless Scalability

Video Tutorials

Enclosed training videos

In every section of our web hosting Control Panel you can find a large collection of informative tutorial videos. They offer solutions to all frequently encountered issues and will show you the right way to execute a specific operation.

You can also browse our F.A.Q. library, which contains exhaustive how–to articles and manuals. Alternatively, you can contact our 24/7 tech support staff – the average client support ticket response time is twenty minutes.

Video Tutorials

Domain Manager

One–stop domain name control solution

The Domain Manager is a key part of our hosting Control Panel and offers all the features that you need in order to administer your domain names. It boasts a simple–to–use interface through which you can change DNS settings, update WHOIS details, lock your domain name or set up sub–domain names with just a simple mouse click.

Via the Domain Manager tool you may also order additional services such as WHOIS protection and digital certificates.

Domain Manager

Domain Locking

Block your domain name from being moved

With the Registrar Lock option turned on, you can be confident that your domain name is protected against cyber–theft. Any individual who tries an unsolicited domain name transfer will be instantaneously blocked and the domain transfer request – turned down.

In the event that, at a given point, you decide to transfer your domain to another domain name registrar, you will be able to unlock it with one single mouse click. You will find the locking/unlocking feature in the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel.

Domain Locking
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