TXT is a DNS record, containing data in human-readable form for external sources to gain info about a certain Internet domain or subdomain. In the most common situation, such a record is used to prove that you own a domain name if you're trying to add it to an Internet search engine or to some traffic analytics platform. Since only the domain name owner/administrator is able to add custom DNS records, the TXT record serves as a verification of ownership for the corporation offering the service. Another popular use for this sort of records is the e mail SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection, which makes sure that an e-mail address shall not be spoofed and that others will not receive junk e-mail from allegedly your mailbox. The TXT record features information about the mail server where your electronic messages arrive from and functions as validation that it is a dependable one. Because there are no regulations regarding the content of this sort of a record, you can add any other information also.

TXT Records in Shared Web Hosting

If you want a TXT record for any purpose for an Internet domain or a subdomain hosted inside a shared web hosting account on our sophisticated cloud platform, you'll be able to create one with ease even though you may not have previous experience with such matters. As our Hepsia CP is really intuitive, you'll employ a point & click interface and you can create the new record within a couple of seconds. This is achieved through the DNS Records section of Hepsia through which handle all records for your Internet domain names and creating a new TXT record requires choosing a domain name or a subdomain and "TXT" from drop-down menus and typing the actual text inside a box - it is as easy as that. It takes merely a few minutes for the new record to become active and to propagate, so in case you need it to validate an Internet site with some search engine, for instance, you can ask them to check your site after you have set up the record and you should be all set.

TXT Records in Semi-dedicated Servers

A new TXT record can be set up for each and every domain or subdomain which you have added to a semi-dedicated server account from our company and the Hepsia Control Panel, included with all of the accounts created on our progressive cloud platform, will allow you to do that easily irrespective of your level of knowledge about such matters. All domains/subdomains you have shall be listed in alphabetical order in a drop-down menu, so once you choose the one that you require and you choose TXT as the record type, you will simply have to type in the text which will be the actual record and you will be ready. This is done inside the DNS Records section of the CP and if you have any problems, you will find a step-by-step tutorial within the very same section. Our tech support team will also be there for you 24/7 and they will help you with any questions you might have. Within an hour the new record will be working, so you can continue with the job you require it for.